This site contains a few poems I wrote over the years. There are many more but I have to find then and type them up. As I do I will ad them here. I included the poems along with the time I wrote the poem, location, and state of mind. Sometimes I think the state of mind at the end is more interesting then the writing itself.


Kenny's Poems

Shattered Glass

Could Not Stop...



Shattered Glass

When the soul is hated it will try to love. Searching for the missing it will blanket the earth. Like shattered glass, it has pieces to small to be seen. Yet the light that it reflects can be felt, bringing warmth. When these rays find the heart broken. The path behind the target gets struck. Still spreading love but finding itself missed. When the darkness is met, it is a mixed drink with the light. Pushing the pieces farther from their home, heading on their way to a new journey.

A soul is never truly lost yet. One at least holds a grain. Blowing in the wind it searches without direction for the rest. On its way it will be pushed or pulled to others. Sometimes alike, sometimes to large to matter. It will not stop being tossed til it has enough to stand. Not knowing that the world is to large for a chance meeting with its forgotten brethren. How could it even know the true size of its surroundings when it has no concept of the immediate happenings.

Some are fortunate enough never to stray. Finding not only the needed to stand, but to crawl, to walk, to run, and to play. Some will find themselves diluted by fillers and garbage. The farthest travailed will have run into so much they have given up the search. Finding themselves filled with a piece broken off from many others, wether it be in love, or hate. They see what was in contact with them, not what they left behind when they return.

If they ever do...

From which direction the wind had blown:
April, 25th, 2006: 2:45am
Commerce Drv. Buffalo, NY
(At work)
I found myself in the bath room of what feels like high school in the working world. Looking in the mirror, mountains of emotion dripped from my eyes. With nothing to throw this pain of lava at. I ran to my desk... All to do and no time to do it. I grabbed the nearest pad and saw a rainbow.

Follow me to the gold,
<3 Kenny

Could Not Stop...

Missing celebrations of an underground holiday and keeping my mind idle from reminders of death, I found my self coming home. Before I could step inside, my movement found itself struggling to keep up. I realized that my mind had wanted to play. I walked down the street feeling the music echo off my scull. Noticing that each car had beauty that i had never seen before I walked on looking at each. Flicking my burning stick I saw the smaller things now. Flowers, trees, and the uneven grass. Walking backwards I indulged in the even simpler things. Perception of the street and how the objects moved as my position changed. Turning back I was caught by a baby cradle and a novelty mailbox of the car verity. Moving on I passed the dead end circling to play with depth perception once more. I could walk forever, I thought, finding the tracks to be a new world of darkness and grass of a different type. Noticing that I truly would be walking forever I turned back before I found myself lost on a new street. After listening to that song I needed and dragging on my death. I found the limbs dancing. My eyes could not stay open. I needed to think the music. Faith was in the other hands, dancing down the middle of lanes I trusted my safety. Walking up stars did not slow my journey. After I entered my room and made love to the music in the darkness... Could not stop.

Time unknown:
April 20th, 2006; Time Unknown
Brinton St, Buffalo, NY (My House)


To find inspiration in the mundane.
How did it come to this?
To see what is not there.
And to find yourself questioning what is.
To feel the unknown;
And explore the well known for the first time.
Memories that, from maturity, find themselves in a fetal state.
Can you forget the amazing?
Forget what has embraced your being?
Lifting off the ground.
And finding what has been.
Spirit, Soul, Thoughts...
Open what has been told,
And find it looking, peering, staring...
Attempting to light this never burning torch.
Instead experiencing color not seen.
To be so far from what is.
Conceiving a ghost, a shadow, everything...
In a regurgitation of society.
The soil is not seen now.
Perception is the biggest fantasy.
Experience will be an undying fairy tail.
Passion can replace the happy ending.
There is no forgery in true intimacy.
Seeing such distance... Your eyes open.
With new, whole, Being...

Finding a new time:
April 19th, 2006: 4:07am
Sunoco, Delaware Ave and Kenmore Ave, Buffalo, NY
(Riding home from work, again on bike.)

I had nothing on my mind. Knowing this was abnormal I continued to tops for a pen. Ink keeps me alive. But tops does not, it was closed again. I found my gas station and purchased my media. Sitting at the top of a wall, I stared into my soul and brought the dead night to life.

I spread my wings and bore my halo,
<3 Kenny


~ 1 ~
Why is it we are forced to live in boxes?
With feeding time...
And repetitive rest.
Why do we follow rules and law?
Logic and reason.
Why do we aspire passion and admire feeling?
Forever wanting more...
Tracing the lines over drawn.

~ 2 ~
Is it the government telling us?
Brain washing the masses.
Does the bread we win make the taste less enjoyable?
Sleep less relaxing.
Do we live on cushions?
Watching our lives.
Are there games not yet won?
Waiting to be mastered.

~ 3 ~
Who told you to be caged?
Seeing your thoughts...
Brick, metal, drywall.
Who told you to barter?
Bake bread...
Who told you to fantasize?
Live via proxy...
Sleep living.
Who told you to play?
Learning the rules and strategy.

~ 4 ~
Run, walk, sleep...
This weathered plain holds wonders yet.
Feel the unseen...
Fear not the dark, it is merrily unlit.
Eat your pray...
Working for the week make weaker.
Live your dreams...
Refuel the empty tank; Find what you've smelt.
Live the game...
Tell of your rules.

The origins of this journey:
April 12th, 2006; 5:13am
Tops parking lot, Main St and Kenmore Ave, Buffalo, NY
(On my way home from work on bike.)

Looked for chalk to say hi via other Bible versus and happy Easter, spreading love to what I assume are the playful children at the corner of my street. They had written Bible versus, such as John 3:16, on the sidewalk. Jesus, hearts, and crosses. I've felt the Easter spirit and wanted to sure as well. Tops was closed. I rode off...

I take the controller,
<3 Kenny