I've always been interested in web comics. Shoot who isn't!? So when I found bitstrips.com I was all about making some quirky little comic. I recommend it! It 's fun and easy. I hope to some day draw my own.

Until then...

Boom Boom Banana!

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Boom Boom Banana! 3.30.2009

Banana's Buddy! 3.31.2009

Bitter Sweet Revenge! 4.1.2009

What goes up... 4.2.2009

Hello Banana! 4.5.2009

Guest Comic: Grondor Like Banana by Gronder 4.6.2009

Bamana Bachelor? 4.7.2009

Stand Up Bamana! 4.8.2009

Bamana Rebound? 4.9.2009

Bunny Bang! 4.12.2009

Grondor's Remix Challenge 9.2.2009
Grondor's Original Comic

Boom Boom's Back! 4.13.2011

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